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The Cozio Carteggio takes its name from Count Cozio’s notebooks, which form the first historical record of fine instruments and their makers. Each week, the Carteggio publishes features about the string world. They include expert commentary on historic instruments and bows, interviews with leading musicians and analysis of the string market. The articles are curated by Tarisio's expert and director, Jason Price and feature the frequent participation of Carlo Chiesa, John Dilworth, Philip J. Kass, Dmitry Gindin, Pierre Guillaume, Paul Childs, Alessandra Barabaschi and other experts.

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Latest Feature

primrose viola all views

The ‘Primrose, Lord Harrington’ Guarneri viola

Combining power with playability, this fine 1697 instrument inspires makers and players alike

By Jason Price

There are roughly half a dozen surviving Guarneri violas, and the ‘Primrose’, dated 1697, the year before Andrea’s death, is the last. Although the original label is of Andrea, the workmanship revealed in its details and broader concepts is the hand of his son, Giuseppe Guarneri ‘filius Andrea’. It is made on the smaller ‘contralto’ model, which ultimately replaced the larger, more unwieldy ‘tenore’ violas favoured by makers such as Andrea Amati, Gasparo ‘da Salo’ and Maggini.


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