The Cozio Carteggio

The Cozio Carteggio takes its name from Count Cozio’s notebooks, which form the first historical record of fine instruments and their makers. Each week, the Carteggio publishes features about the string world, from expert commentary on historic instruments and bows, to interviews with musicians and analysis of the string market. Contributors include Carlo Chiesa, John Dilworth, Philip J. Kass, Dmitry Gindin, Pierre Guillaume, Paul Childs, Alessandra Barabaschi and many other experts.

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Latest Feature

Raffaele and Giuseppe Fiorini, part 2

How the work of the Fiorinis diverged, as Giuseppe fell under the influence of the Cremonese school

By Dmitry Gindin and Roberto Regazzi

The differences between the mature work of Raffaele and Giuseppe Fiorini are immediately apparent. Raffaele’s approach, deeply rooted in the early to mid-19th-century Italian style, paid little homage to Stradivari’s method or modeling. He learned his early violin making techniques from the traveling musician Ignazio Tadolini, who in turn had picked them up in Paris...


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