About Us

Tarisio is the leading international venue for fine instruments and bows. Launched in 1999, Tarisio revolutionized the market by combining first-class expertise, the efficiency of online bidding, and a firm commitment to ethics and professionalism. Our goal is to make buying and selling instruments increasingly accessible for musicians, patrons, dealers and collectors.

With offices in New York and London, Tarisio conducts six auctions per year of fine instruments and bows and year-round bespoke Private Sales of high-value items, selling more than 3,000 fine instruments and bows annually to a truly global market.

New York Auctions → February, May, October
London Auctions → March, June, October


Tarisio’s internationally renowned expertise is led by Jason Price, Tarisio’s Founder, Director and Expert. Responsible for over 3,000 attributions per year, Jason believes in a conservative and transparent approach to expertise.

Our specialists in both New York and London have an unrivaled knowledge of the market, and travel extensively to uncover the finest instruments, ensuring Tarisio’s auctions always have a wide variety of instruments and bows that are fresh to the market.


Evaluations • Sales • Public & Private Viewings • Dendrochronology  • Restoration & Sound Adjustments • Photography • Vaulted Storage


Fine Instrument Auctions

A wide range of high-quality stringed instruments and bows by the finest makers. We also auction books, instrument cases and other related items.


Private Sales

A personalized service for the sale and purchase of the very highest quality items outside the auction arena. Available in both New York and London.