Sales Tax (New York, London and Berlin Sales)

The successful bidder is responsible for all applicable tax including any VAT, sales or use tax wherever such taxes may arise.

Sales or use tax related to the lot may be due on any lots that Tarisio ships to or within the United States. Tarisio will collect sales tax where legally required. The applicable sales tax rate will be determined based upon the state, county, or locale to which the lot will be shipped.

In accordance with New York law, if Tarisio arranges the shipment of a lot out of New York State, sales tax or other applicable taxes for other states may apply. If you collect the lot from Tarisio’s New York location, Tarisio must collect New York sales tax on the lot at a rate of 8.875% regardless of the ultimate destination of the lot.

Successful bidders claiming an exemption from sales tax must provide appropriate documentation to Tarisio prior to the release of the lot or within 7 days after the sale, whichever is earlier.

For shipments to those US states for which Tarisio is not required to collect sales tax, a successful bidder may have a use or similar tax obligation. Tarisio recommends you consult your own independent tax advisor with any questions.