How to Consign

We will gladly consider any instrument or bow for consignment to a future sale. In order to evaluate your instrument or bow properly, we need as much information as possible.

Please send us a description of the item that you would like to sell, including the name of the maker or attribution, the exact wording of the label or stamp, the condition and repair history of the item, weights and measurements if appropriate and any information regarding certificates or other documentation.

Photographs can be uploaded here, emailed or sent by postal mail and should be done in the traditional reference shots as seen on our website: head, top and back for instruments; frog and tip for bows.

If we think that your item would be successful if offered through Tarisio, we will ask you to send it to us so we can examine and photograph it in person. After agreeing on an estimate amount and a reserve for your item, we will send you a consignment contract. Upon your signature, your item will be posted on our web catalog, displayed in our viewing rooms (and possibly at other public viewings) and will be offered for sale during the applicable auction.

For more information about how to consign with Tarisio, please see our Terms of Use.