I’d like to sell my instrument/bow, can you tell me how much it is worth?
If you have an instrument or bow that you are considering selling, we would be very pleased to provide a complimentary, no obligation valuation.  If you live close enough to visit one of our offices in person, we suggest contacting us to arrange an appointment to speak with one of our specialists.  If that isn’t an option, we are always available to offer a preliminary evaluation via email.  You can learn more about submitting photos and upload them to our site here.

I don’t live near New York, London or Berlin, but would like to meet with one of your specialists in person, do you ever visit other cities?
Yes! Our specialists travel frequently around the United States and Europe to offer complimentary evaluations of instruments and bows.  To register your interest in meeting with us, please email info@tarisio.com.

I sold something in this sale, when will I receive my proceeds?
Consignor proceeds for our New York, London and Berlin auctions are distributed 30 days after the close of a sale.  Our default method of payment is by check (checks are issued in US dollars for New York sales, pounds sterling for London sales and Euros for Berlin sales), but a wire transfer is also available for an additional fee.

I am selling something in the auction, how can I track my item in the sale?
Once the sale goes live on our site, you will be emailed your lot # for any item/s listed in that sale.

I want to sell something at auction, what percentage do you take as a commission?
Seller’s commission is only charged if the instrument or bow consigned to auction sells successfully. The seller’s commission is 20% of the hammer price up to and including 10,000 USD (or 8,000 GBP or 9,000 EUR), subject to a minimum of 100 USD (or 100 GBP or 100 EUR). We do not charge a seller’s commission on the portion of the sale proceeds that exceeds 10,000 USD (or 8,000 GBP or 9,000 EUR). There is a separate 1.5% taken on the hammer price for insurance coverage.