November 2022 New York: Catalog Preview

The catalog for our November auction in New York goes online tomorrow, October 26th. There are some very exciting lots in the sale including the ‘ex-Perlman, Klausner’ Pietro Guarneri of Venice. The following is a preview of some highlights from the sale.

Lot 167 – Pietro Guarneri, Venice, c. 1750, ‘ex-Perlman, Klausner’

This violin was made by Pietro Guarneri in Venice in c. 1750. Pietro was the elder brother of Giuseppe Guarneri ‘del Gesù’ and left Cremona for Venice in around 1717. His influence on Venetian violinmaking changed the course of that school and created many masterpieces. This violin was purchased from Wurlitzers by Itzhak Perlman in 1959 and used by Perlman for the early part of his career. Prior to Perlman the violin was owned by Gustave Tinlot, a professor at Eastman and then by Millard Taylor, concertmaster of the Rochester Symphony. In 1998 it came into the possession of the acclaimed concertmaster, teacher and chamber musician, Tiberius Klausner.

Perlman wrote to Tibor Klausner in 1988, “I used this violin for many firsts in my career. I used it the first time I studied the Brahms Violin Concerto, for my first performance of the Glasunov at the Meadowmount Summer School, as well as for my first performance of the Debussy Quartet… I hope you enjoy it as much as I did.”


• • •

Lot 166 – Nicolo Gagliano, Naples, c. 1758


This violin, from the apex of Neapolitan violinmaking, is made of stunning maple with broad, wide flame and a golden brown varnish and is sold with certificates from J & A Beare (1926) and Henry Werro (1954). This is the first time the violin has come for sale in nearly 70 years.


• • •

Lot 152 – Emile Français, Paris, 1935, ‘ex-Menuhin’


Emile Français made this violin as an exact copy of the 1733 ‘Prince Khevenhüller’ Stradivari and presented it to Yehudi Menuhin on his nineteenth birthday. Interestingly, the original Stradivari was presented to Menuhin seven years earlier on his 12th birthday. In 1956 Menuhin gifted this violin to Paul Shapshak and in 1991 it was sold to David Sackson a violinist in the Phoenix String Quartet. For more information about Menuhin’s violins please read our Carteggio from 2016.

Emile Français and Yehudi Menuhin show off the 1733 Strad and Français's copy.

• • •

Instruments by Lorenzo Storioni, Giofreddo Cappa, Giuseppe & Antonio Gagliano and Santo Serafin

Lot 165 - Giofreddo Cappa, Saluzzo, c. 1705

• • •

20th century instruments by Francesco Bissolotti, Carl Becker & Son, Alfredo Contino, Sesto Rocchi and Gaetano Sgarabotto.

Lot 150 - Francesco Bissolatti, Cremona, 1954

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