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The Cozio Carteggio takes its name from Count Cozio’s notebooks, which form the first historical record of fine instruments and their makers. Each week, the Carteggio publishes features about the string world, from expert commentary on historic instruments and bows, to interviews with musicians and analysis of the string market. Contributors will include Carlo Chiesa, John Dilworth, Philip J. Kass and many other experts.

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Latest Feature

Franz Albert Nürnberger Jr

Franz Albert Nürnberger Junior

One of the eight generations of Nürnberger bow makers, Franz Albert Junior produced some of the family's finest work

By Daniel Brückner

Franz Albert Nürnberger Junior represented the fifth generation of the Nürnberger bow making family from Markneukirchen in Germany. The family tradition began in the mid-18th century with Franz Albert Junior’s great-great grandfather...


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