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The Cozio Carteggio takes its name from Count Cozio’s notebooks, which form the first historical record of fine instruments and their makers. Each week, the Carteggio publishes features about the string world, from expert commentary on historic instruments and bows, to interviews with musicians and analysis of the string market. Contributors will include Carlo Chiesa, John Dilworth, Philip J. Kass and many other experts.

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Macdonald scroll

Stradivari’s violas, Part II

Having developed the 'CV' contralto viola form, Stradivari was poised to create some of the greatest masterpieces of his career, including the 'Archinto', 'Russian' and 'Macdonald'

By John Dilworth

Within a few years Stradivari had found a distinct style in his work as a luthier. The elaborately inlaid and formally Amatese violins from 1677 and beyond seem to have successfully established him as a significant member of the small group of Cremonese masters.


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