Carlo Bergonzi I, Cremona, 1744, the 'Eddy Brown'

Violin: 43007

Bearing its original label.

Back: One-piece

Length of back: 34.9 cm

Upper bouts: 16.4 cm

Middle bouts: 10.7 cm

Lower bouts: 20.5 cm

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According to Posner, the instrument had passed directly from the Bergonzi shop to a brother of the order, and had remained with the brothers till Rauer purchased it from a monastery outside of Vienna in 1926.

Carlo Bergonzi of Cremona - Part V, Ernest N. Doring, Violins & Violinists, January, 1949, Chicago


in 1926 Sold by Georg Rauer
from 1926 Nathan E. Posner
Alfred E. Stephens
in 1929 Sold by Rudolph Wurlitzer Co.
from 1929 and in 1929 Ralph E. Norton
in 1934 Sold by Rudolph Wurlitzer Co.
1934-1950 Eddy Brown
from 1950 Louis Graeler
Sold by Harry A. Duffy
until 1988 Dr. Ephraim P. Engleman
... ...
from 1988 and in 2010 Current owner

Known players

Eddy Brown, Louis Graeler


  • Violins & Violinists, January, 1949, Ernest N. Doring, William Lewis & Son, Chicago (illustrated)
  • Carlo Bergonzi: A Cremonese Master Unveiled


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