Nicolas Duchaine I (b. 1746–d. 1813)

The Duchaine father and son were very active in Mirecourt between the late 18th and the early 19th centuries. They were some of the earliest known makers outside Paris to brand their bows. Read more on Cozio.

Nicolas Duchaine I c. 1775

This Cramer model was made by Duchaine in pernambuco and ivory. The sides of the frog are flatter than those of the Tourte family and the frog is thicker. It has an example of an early head-plate; these first appeared on Cramer-style bows and help to reinforce the trailing edge of the head. This violin or viola bow, also playable as a violin bow, is quite long and some have speculated that bows of greater length were intended more for solo repertoire.

  • Nicolas Duchaine I c. 1775