Workshops & Masterclasses: 27-29 October 2015

Tuesday 27 October: 10am-1pm

Pavlo Beznosiuk & Academy of Ancient Music Workshop
The Concertmaster and Orchestra in the 18th Century

How does the evolution of bow making relate to and inform our understanding of musical history? Why is a ‘Corelli’ bow unsuitable for playing a Beethoven symphony or a Schubert quartet? What range of sounds would the early classical bows have made available to the players in 18th-century Mannheim? What role did changing musical tastes play in the evolution of the bow? In this workshop these and many other questions will be tackled through ensemble and orchestral music from Corelli to Beethoven.

Wednesday 28 October: 10am-1pm

Chiaroscuro Quartet Masterclass
Chamber Music and the Classical Quartet
The Chiaroscuro Quartet will explore the extensive range of articulations and gestures possible on Baroque, Classical and Transitional bows. Combining different bowing techniques with the selective use of vibrato on gut strings, and balancing tension and release, this masterclass will focus on creating the specific sound palette that defines the classical quartet.


Thursday 29 October 2015: 10am-1pm

Alexander Janiczek Masterclass
Mozart on Original Bows
There are many angles from which we can view the works of Mozart. One of the doors to making his music sound and speak are the bows that were played in his time. This masterclass will concentrate on bow technique as seen through contemporary sources – including methods, treatises and books by Leopold Mozart – and focus on transferring this written application into practice, looking at how to play on the bows, and how the bows themselves influenced the music.

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