Valentino De Zorzi, Florence, 1892

Violin: 66518

Labeled, "Valentinus de Zorzi, Centensis Venetum fecit Florentiae A 1892."

Branded to the lower ribs, "V.D.Z." Branded to the button, "V.D.Z." Inscribed to the inside c-bout ribs and to the upper inside back. Signed under the fingerboard.

Back: in two pieces of quarter-cut maple of medium-width flame descending from the centre.

Top: in two pieces of spruce of medium-width grain.

Scroll: of plainer figure.

Ribs: of similar wood.

Varnish: of a reddish-brown colour.

Length of back: 36.1 cm

Upper bouts: 16.8 cm

Middle bouts: 11.4 cm

Lower bouts: 21.1 cm

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until 2014 Anonymous
in 2014 Sold by Tarisio
from 2014 Current owner


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