Gasparo Bertolotti 'da Salò', Brescia, c. 1580, the 'Bottesini, Fallon'

Bass: 53082

Back: double-purfled

Top: double-purfled

Varnish: Dark brown

Length of back: 116.8 cm

Upper bouts: 54.7 cm

Middle bouts: 38 cm

Lower bouts: 68.25 cm

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"Its discoverer was the ubiquitous and indefatigable David Laurie, who upwards of forty years ago dug it out from the seclusion of a Monastery in Padua (Davidson, page 285 of his book, published in 1880, says it came from Rome, but there seems to be little or no doubt that it was found in Padua), and brought it, after undergoing much needed repairs at the hands of Gand and Bernardel in Paris, to this country. Presumably these repairs included its conversion from a three to a four-string bass, which it now is, but on that point I am not quite positive, and the conversion may have been done later. Besides the great interest attaching to the instrument from its splendid appearance and fine workmanship, it is noted amongst double-bass players all over the kingdom for its extraordinary tone. Bottesini after playing on it many years ago described it as the finest bass he had ever seen, or played upon.

Laurie appears to have sold it to one "Sandy" Wallace, a Dundee player, who refused large offers for it ; and on Wallace's death it came into the possession of its present owner."

A Da Salo Double-Bass, Towry Piper, The Strad, 1912, London


until 1876 David Laurie
from 1876 James Scott 'Sandy' Wallace
in 1912 R. O. Stoole
Jack Fallon
Anthony Woodrow
in 2007 Sold by Rene Zaal
from 2007 Dextra Musica

Known players

Dan Styffe, Giovanni Bottesini, Jack Fallon



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