Nicolas Lupot, Paris, 1824

Violin: 47824

Labeled, "Nicolas Lupot, Luthier, rue Croix des Petits-Champs à Paris, l'an 1824" and stamped "N. Lupot à Paris below the label.

Back: One-piece of broad curl descending from left to right

Top: of medium grain in the center, narrowing towards the flanks

Scroll: of wood similar to back

Ribs: of wood similar to back

Varnish: Red-brown on a golden ground

Length of back: 35.9 cm


"In the violin world, it takes a sharp eye and unshaekeable faith in one's expertise to 'place one's chips' on an instrument of doubtful or disputed lineage. In the event that a large number of 'eagle eyes' have also discovere the 'sleeper,' starting a rumor is often a good way to throw off the competition. For example, in this auction there was an attractive violin certified in the catalog to be a Lupot. However, word spread that it was not a Lupot, but possibly the work of Bernardel, who is not categorized as a 'big winner.' Certainly, this rumor 'scared off' a good number of potential buyers, for when the rumored 'Bernardel' was placed on the auction block, the bidding centered around several well-known dealers who drove the instrument up into the price range of a Lupot ($32,000). Quite surprising? . . . Perhaps; deplorable? . . . not at all -- it's the 'name of the game.'"

The London Auction Scene -- May 1979, Dr. Steven Wernick, Journal of the Violin Society of America, Vol. V, No. 1, Flushing, NY


in 1979 Sold by Sotheby's


  • Sotheby's Highly Important Musical Instruments Auction Catalog, May 3, 1979, London, Sotheby's, Sotheby's, London (illustrated)
  • Journal of the Violin Society of America, Vol. V, No. 1, Dr. Steven Wernick, The Violin Society of America, Flushing, NY


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