Gioffredo Cappa, c. 1690-1700

Violin: 45413

Labeled, "Iofredus Cappa in Saluzzio / Fecit Anno 169-."

Back: Two-piece of irregular narrow curl

Top: of medium grain, narrowing slightly towards the center

Scroll: of wood matching back

Ribs: of wood matching back

Varnish: Golden-brown

Length of back: 35.6 cm

Reported stolen in 1990


"At the end of June, the following instruments were stolen from a private house in Stuttgart:

1 Violin Petrus Guarnerius, Venice 1732
2 Violin Laurentius Storioni, Cremona 1797
3 Violin Goffredo Cappa, Saluzio, 1609
4 Violin Jacobus Stainer, Absam 1670
5 Violin Giovanni Battista Rogeri, Brescia 1701
6 Violin Paul Blanchard, Lyon 1906
7 Violin Leopold Renaudin, Paris 1783

Also stolen were numerous blank certificates of Walter Hamma, which the thieves will presumably use to certify other instruments."

Beware of purchase!, The Strad, September, 1990, London


in 1980 Sold by Christie's
Sold by Hamma & Co.
from 1990 Reported stolen

Certificates & Documents

  • Certificate: John & Arthur Beare, London (1967)

Cozio holds copies of many certificates and other documents, some of which are available to view on request. Please contact us if you wish to view a particular document. (Note that we do not always have permission to share documents.)


  • The Strad, September, 1990, Orpheus, London
  • Christie's Fine Musical Instruments Auction Catalog, March 21, 1980, London, Christie's, Christie's, London (illustrated)
  • The Jacques Français Rare Violins, Inc. Photographic Archive and Business Records, 1844-1998, Smithsonian Institution, Washington, DC, Box 60 (illustrated)


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