Francesco Rugeri, Cremona, 1680

Cello: 45159

Back: Two-piece of poplar, with a processional hole.

Length of back: 75.57 cm

Upper bouts: 34.2 cm

Middle bouts: 23.04 cm

Lower bouts: 43.42 cm

There is 1 additional image in the archive which is not available publicly. Please contact us for more information.


Past restorers have attempted to remodel the instrument to conform to their current ideas, by removing the edges and cutting back the plates and reducing the ribs. Having been through this process sometime in the past, this cello was later rebuilt to a close approximation of its original condition by W.E. Hill & Sons. Hills replaced the lost areas around the edges, which can now be seen as a slight halo around the original material. – Dextra Music


- Sold by W. E. Hill & Sons
in 2004 Sparebanken NOR
from 2009 Dextra Musica

Known players

Øystein Birkeland


  • Ole Bull 2010: Dextra Musica Collection, John Dilworth, Bergen (illustrated)


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