Antonio Stradivari, Cremona, 1701, the 'Kreutzer, van Houtem'

Violin: 41961

Labeled, "Antonius Stradiuarius Cremonensis / faciebat Anno 1701."

Back: One-piece with medium curl slanting downwards from left to right

Top: of very fine grain in the center, broadening towards the flanks

Scroll: of wood similar to back

Ribs: of wood similar to back

Varnish: Red-brown on a golden ground

Length of back: 35.5 cm

Upper bouts: 16.7 cm

Middle bouts: 11.25 cm

Lower bouts: 20.85 cm

There are 2 additional images in the archive which are not available publicly. Please contact us for more information.


- Rudolphe Kreutzer
until 1938 Anton Ignaz van Houtem
... ...
in 1963 Uto Ughi
... ...
in 2003 Current owner

Known players

Uto Ughi


  • I Centenari Dei Guarneri
  • Die Kunst Des Geigenbaues (1930), Otto Möckel, Bernhard Friedrich Voigt, Leipzig (illustrated)
  • Mostra di Antonio Stradivari (Palazzo Borromeo - Isola Bella), Turris Editrice, Cremona (illustrated)
  • Violin Iconography of Antonio Stradivari 1644-1737, Herbert K. Goodkind, Larchmont, NY (illustrated)


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