Antonio Stradivari, Cremona, 1718, the 'San Lorenzo'

Violin: 41477

Bearing its original label, dated 1718.

Back: Two-piece,

Ribs: With the inscription "Gloria et Divitiae" in the right center bout and the inscription "In Dom Eius" in the left center bout

Length of back: 36.0 cm

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The violin has an inscription on the sides said to have been executed by Stradivari in compliance with the wish of the Duke. It reads: "In Domo Eius et Divitae," meaning "In his House Glory and Riches."

How Many Strads?, Doring, Bein & Fushi, Doring, Bein & Fushi, How Many Strads? (1999 edition), Chicago


until 1757 Mauro D'Alay
1757-c. 1793 Ferdinando Tondù-Mangani
c. 1793-c. 1799 Václav Pichl
from c. 1799 Mr Frantzel
J. N. Durand
Sold by John Betts
until 1823 Giovanni Battista Viotti
1823-1859 Grand Duke of San Lorenzo (third), Lorenzo Fernández de Villavicencio Cañas y Portocarrero
1859-1903 Grand Duke of San Lorenzo (fourth), Lorenzo Fernández de Villavicencio y del Corral
in 1903 Sanz
in c. 1903 Esclava
in 1904 Sold by W. E. Hill & Sons
Sold by Caressa & Français
until 1908 Dufresne
in 1908 Sold by Caressa & Français
in 1908 Sold by Hamma & Co.
1908-1948 Dr. Georg Talbot
from 1948 Aachen Talbot Foundation
in 2008 Sold by John & Arthur Beare
in 2010 Sold by John & Arthur Beare
2010-2015 Private Collection
from 2015 Munetsugu Collection, Tokyo

Known players

David Garrett


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