Antonio Stradivari, Cremona, 1719, the 'Alba, Herzog, Coronation'

Violin: 41295

Repaired by Vicenzo Ascension in Madrid in 1788.

Back: Two-piece

Length of back: 35.6 cm

Upper bouts: 16.6 cm

Lower bouts: 20.6 cm

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"Ownership of this instrument can be traced back to the year 1788, when it was entrusted by the Duke of Alba to Vecenzo Ascensio of Madrid for repairs (there is an inscription by Ascensio still visible on the label)."

Homage, James Ehnes, Homage

"A violin by Antonius Stradivari, 1719, the property of Mr. Otto von Booth, of Johannesburg, was withdrawn at £1,500, the reserve price being £2.000."

Violins Under the Hammer, The Strad, 1911, London


- Duke of Alba
until 1855 Jean-Baptiste Vuillaume
from 1855 Wilhelm von Booth
until 1911 Otto van Booth
in 1911 Sold by Puttick & Simpson
from 1911 W. E. Hill & Sons
- Sold by Hamma & Co.
in 1913 Dr. Paul Hellmann
... ...
in 1937 Enrico Haupt
... ...
in 1963 Ernst Kinkel
... ...
in 2007 Current owner

Certificates & Documents

  • Certificate: John & Arthur Beare, London (2001)
  • Letter: W. E. Hill & Sons, London (1913)
  • Dendrochronology report: John C. Topham, Surrey Dating the youngest tree ring to 1706.

Cozio holds copies of many certificates and other documents, some of which are available to view on request. Please contact us if you wish to view a particular document. (Note that we do not always have permission to share documents.)


  • Homage, James Ehnes, Onyx Classics
  • How Many Strads? (1999 edition), Doring, Bein & Fushi, Bein & Fushi, Chicago, 1999
  • Italian Violin Makers (1964), Karel Jalovec, Paul Hamlyn, London, 1964 (illustrated)
  • Italienische Geigenbauer (1957), Karel Jalovec, Artia, Prague, 1957 (illustrated)
  • Meister Italienischer Geigenbaukunst (8th Edition), Hamma & Co., Florian Noetzel Verlag, Wilhelmshaven (illustrated)
  • Meisterwerke Italienischer Geigenbaukunst, Fridolin Hamma, Hamma & Co., Stuttgart (illustrated)
  • Mostra di Antonio Stradivari (Palazzo Borromeo - Isola Bella), Turris Editrice, Cremona (illustrated)
  • Violin Iconography of Antonio Stradivari 1644-1737, Herbert K. Goodkind, Larchmont, NY (illustrated)
  • The Strad, 1911, London, Jul 1911


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