Gioffredo Cappa, Mondovi, 1697

Cello: 41037

Labeled, "Chiafredi Cappa feci / in Mondovi anno 1697."

Back: Two-piece camel-figured curly maple

Top: and medium grain

Varnish: Golden-orange

Length of back: 75.9 cm

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Originally of large dimensions, later cut down to smaller size by Forster in about 1800, and again extended to its present measurements by Alfred Hill.

Giofreda Cappa of Saluzzo - Part I, Ernest N. Doring, Violins & Violinists, October-November, 1945, Chicago


Sold by W. E. Hill & Sons
Sold by Kenneth Warren & Son
Frederic James
from 1768 Sir Watkins William Wynne
in 1931 Sold by Rudolph Wurlitzer Co.
... ...
in 1945 Current owner

Known players

Marc Coppey

Certificates & Documents

  • Letter: Kenneth Warren & Son, Chicago, IL (1962)
  • Letter: Desmond Hill (1962)
  • Certificate: Kenneth Warren & Son, Chicago, IL (1962)
  • Letter: Alfred E. Hill, London (1934) "I have known this 'cello from my boyhood days, it was first brought to my Father by a member of the family of Sir Watkins William Wynne, from which family it was recently acquired by ourselves. When first seen by me, it bore traces of English work dating from the beinning of the XVIII century, which testified to the instrument having been in the country for upwards of a century. It is my impression that the 'cello was reduced in size by W, Forster, about 1800, which dimensions were modified by me in order to bring them into proportion with those of the original, and I am of the opinion that the instrument has gained considerably thereby…"
  • Certificate: W. E. Hill & Sons, London (1934)
  • Certificate: Rudolph Wurlitzer Co., Cincinnati, OH (1931)

Cozio holds copies of many certificates and other documents, some of which are available to view on request. Please contact us if you wish to view a particular document. (Note that we do not always have permission to share documents.)


  • Christie's Important Musical Instruments Auction Catalog, March 6, 1986, New York, Christie's, Christie's, New York (illustrated)
  • Festival de Sully
  • Violins & Violinists, October-November, 1945, Ernest N. Doring, William Lewis & Son, Chicago (illustrated)
  • Private Archives - 10746
  • World of Strings, 1984 Holiday Issue, William Moennig & Son, Philadelphia (illustrated)
  • Lyon & Healy Rare Old Violins, Violas & Violoncellos (1931), Part 1, Lyon & Healy, Chicago (illustrated)


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