Bartolomeo Giuseppe Guarneri 'del Gesù', Cremona, 1735, the 'd'Egville'

Violin: 40417

Bearing its original label.

Back: Two-piece with broad flames ascending from the joint

Top: Wide-grained; from the same log as the belly of the "Plowden"

Scroll: by Giuseppe filius Andreae

Varnish: Red-gold

Length of back: 35 cm

Upper bouts: 16.4 cm

Middle bouts: 10.9 cm

Lower bouts: 20.4 cm

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Instrument #94 at the South Kensington Special Exhibition of 1872.

Catalogue of the Special Exhibition at South Kensington, England, Carl Engel, Catalogue of the Special Exhibition at South Kensington, England, London

"Beares recently sold it to a trust that lends it to a promising young solist."

J. & A. Beare - Notable Sales

"To approach the same conclusion by a different road No. 94 is a violin whose picturesque beauty I have described already; twenty-five years ago Mr. Plowden gave £450 for it. It is now, I suppose, worth £500. Well, knock that violin down and crack it in two places, it will sink that moment to the value of the "violon du diable," and be worth £350. But collect twenty amateurs all ready to buy it, and, instead of cracking it, dip it into a jar of spirits and wash the varnish off. Not one of those customers will give you above £40 for it ; nor would it in reality be worth quite so much in the market."

Biographical Notice of Nicolo Paganini


until 1855 John Hart
1855-1867 Charles Hood Chichele Plowden
1867-1886 Louis D'Egville
1886-1889 Duc de Camposelice
in 1894 Sold by W. E. Hill & Sons
from 1894 Robert E. Brandt
from 1897 Ernesto Nicolini
from 1898 W. E. Hill & Sons
from 1892 and in 1931 Prince Friedrich Wilhelm of Prussia
... ...
1960-1974 Professor Otto Lutz
in c. 1974 Sold by Jacques Français
c. 1974-1998 Dr Mark Ptashne
1998-c. 2010 David L. Fulton
from c. 2010 Current owner

Known players

Charlie Siem, Yehudi Menuhin

Certificates & Documents

  • Dendrochronology report: Peter Klein, Hamburg (1998) Dating the youngest tree ring to 1731; rings match the wood used for the 1735 "Plowden" (ID=418).

Cozio holds copies of many certificates and other documents, some of which are available to view on request. Please contact us if you wish to view a particular document. (Note that we do not always have permission to share documents.)


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  • Biographical Notice of Nicolo Paganini
  • Bright Young Things
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  • Die d'Egville - del Gesù: eine Monographie, Fridolin Hamma, Hamma & Co., Stuttgart (illustrated)
  • The Strad, October, 1994, Stewart Pollens, Orpheus, London (illustrated)
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  • The Violin: Its Famous Makers and their Imitators, George Hart, Dulau & Co., London (illustrated)
  • W. E. Hill & Sons Photographic Archive (illustrated)


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