Jacob Stainer, Absam, 1672

Violin: 40019

Handwritten label, damaged and difficult to read, dated 1672.

Back: One-piece, with narrow wings added to both sides of the lower bouts

Top: Even, rather open-grain

Scroll: Original, of plain wood

Ribs: Faintly figured wood

Length of back: 35.3 cm

Upper bouts: 16.6 cm

Middle bouts: 10.62 cm

Lower bouts: 20.4 cm


until 1916 W. E. Hill & Sons
1916-1957 Rev. Edward Charles Tippets
from 1957 Ashmolean Museum, Hill Collection, University of Oxford

Certificates & Documents

  • Dendrochronology report: John C. Topham, Surrey Dating the youngest tree ring to 1547; the rings match the wood used for the 1564 "Charles IX" Amati (ID=98) and the 1574 "Charles IX" viola (ID=99)

Cozio holds copies of many certificates and other documents, some of which are available to view on request. Please contact us if you wish to view a particular document. (Note that we do not always have permission to share documents.)


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  • Il Legno si fa Musica, le mostre della Cassa di Risparmio, Verona (illustrated)
  • Jakob Stainer: Leben und Werk des Tiroler Meisters, Walter Senn & Karl Roy, Verlag E. Bochinsky, Frankfurt (illustrated)
  • Musical Instruments in the Ashmolean Museum: The Complete Collection, John Milnes, editor, Oxford Musical Instrument Publishing, Oxford (illustrated)
  • Stringed Instruments: Viols, Violins, Citterns, and Guitars in the Ashmolean Museum, Harvey S. Whistler, Ashmolean Museum, Oxford (illustrated)
  • The Hill Collection of Musical Instruments, David D. Boyden, Oxford University Press, London (illustrated)
  • Viols, Violins and Virginals, Jennifer A. Charlton, Ashmolean Museum, Oxford (illustrated)


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