Pietro Guarneri of Venice, Venice, c. 1739, the 'Beatrice Harrison'

Cello: 30406

Labeled, "Petrus Guarnerius filius / Joseph Cremonensis / fecit Anno 1739 / Venetijs."

Length of back: 75.3 cm

Upper bouts: 36.1 cm

Middle bouts: 24.8 cm

Lower bouts: 44.9 cm

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Shown at the Exhibition of Venetian instruments in Boston, May, 2002.

The Violinmakers of Venice, The Violinmakers of Venice: 1582-1885 (CD-ROM), Boston


Sold by Bein & Fushi, Inc
until 1900 W. E. Hill & Sons
from 1900 Baron Johann Knoop
until 1911 W. E. Hill & Sons
in 1911 Mrs Almeric Paget
... ...
from 1911 and in 1931 Beatrice Harrison
... ...
c. 1997-c. 2017 David L. Fulton
from c. 2017 Current owner

Known players

Beatrice Harrison

Certificates & Documents

  • Dendrochronology report: John C. Topham, Surrey Dating the youngest tree ring to 1725.

Cozio holds copies of many certificates and other documents, some of which are available to view on request. Please contact us if you wish to view a particular document. (Note that we do not always have permission to share documents.)


  • Bein & Fushi 1997 Calendar, Bein & Fushi, Inc, Bein & Fushi, Chicago (illustrated)
  • Pietro Guarneri, 2-12-2004
  • Private Archives - 10842
  • The Strad, January, 2005, John Dilworth, Newsquest Specialist Media, London (illustrated)
  • The Strad 2005 Calendar, Newsquest Specialist Media, London (illustrated)
  • The Violin Makers of the Guarneri Family, W. Henry, Arthur F. & Alfred E. Hill, William E. Hill & Sons, London, 1931
  • The Violinmakers of Venice: 1582-1885 (CD-ROM), Reuning & Son Violins, Boston (illustrated)


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