Tomaso Eberle, Naples, c. 1760

Viola: 22096

Labelled, "Ferdinandus Gagliano Filius Nicolai fecit Neap. 17..."

Bearing its original neck re-angled at the heel. Exhibited at the 1937 Stradivari Bicentennial in Cremona.

Back: Two-piece

Length of back: 37.4 cm

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in 1937 Giovanni Carbonelli
... ...
in 1981 Sold by Sotheby's

Certificates & Documents

  • Certificate: Bicentenario Stradivariano, Cremona (1937) Signed by Fridolin Hamma, Simone Sacconi, Leandro Bissiach & others.
  • Certificate: Tullo Bellomi (1937) To Ing. Carbonelli.
  • Certificate: Tullo Bellomi

Cozio holds copies of many certificates and other documents, some of which are available to view on request. Please contact us if you wish to view a particular document. (Note that we do not always have permission to share documents.)


  • L'Esposizione di Liuteria Antica a Cremona nel 1937, Comitato Stradivariano, Cremona, 1938 (illustrated)
  • Sotheby's Important Musical Instruments Auction Catalog, November 5, 1981, London, Sotheby's, Sotheby's, London, 1981 (illustrated)
  • Tarisio's Fine Musical Instruments Auction Catalog, October 12, 2010, London, Tarisio, Tarisio (illustrated)
  • The Jacques Français Rare Violins, Inc. Photographic Archive and Business Records, 1844-1998, Smithsonian Institution, Washington, D.C. (illustrated)


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