Tarisio Trust

The Tarisio Trust was created to cultivate the careers of exceptionally talented artists through the loan of great instruments.

Through the Tarisio Trust, instrument owners and artists are brought together to advance the musicians’ careers and provide the opportunity for the recipients to have access to these important works of art which will then be heard by audiences all over the world.

The administration and oversight of the program, including instrument maintenance and support, are provided by Tarisio.

For the instrument owner, the benefits of such patronage are profoundly worthwhile. Not only do fine instruments serve as excellent long-term financial investments, but these historical instruments serve as a tool and need to be played in order to maintain their integrity. By being matched with top performing artists of tremendous talent, patrons experience the joy of owning a historically significant instrument while supporting the artistic and personal growth and success of the musician – a unique and dynamic journey.

The Tarisio Trust is proud to support the following artists:

  • Augustin Hadelich

    Bartolomeo Giuseppe Guarneri ‘del Gesù’, Cremona, c. 1744, ‘Leduc, Szeryng’

    (c) Suxiao Yang

  • Molly Carr

    Domenico Busan, Venice, mid-18th century, ‘ex-Michael Tree’

    (c) Abigel Kralik

  • Alma Deutscher

    Antonio Stradivari, Cremona, 1683, ‘Bucher’

    (c) Helen Deutscher

  • Ji Won Song

    Nicolas Lupot, Paris, 1799

  • Phoenix Avalon

    Jean Baptiste Vuillaume, Paris, c. 1850

  • Yuri Tanaka

    Gennaro Gagliano, c. 1735

    (c) Yosuke Ueki

Members of the National Symphony Orchestra

  • Italian violin by Giovanni Battista Guadagnini, Torino, 1772
  • Italian violin by Tomasso Balestrieri, Mantua, 1765
  • Italian violin by Santo Serafin, Venice, 1725
  • Italian violin by Francesco Rugeri, Cremona, 1686
  • Italian violin by Bernardo Calcani, Genoa, c. 1750
  • Italian violin by Alessandro Gagliano, Naples, 1725
  • Italian violin by Giovanni Francesco Pressenda, Turin, 1830
  • Italian viola by Giovanni Battista Ceruti, Cremona, 1808

To learn more about patronage or loan opportunities, please contact Carlos Tome: ctome@tarisio.com