Tarisio London: Wigmore Street Office Plans Revealed

As announced on April 1, 2015…

Proposed East

Tarisio East Elevation windows

We are thrilled to reveal the architectural plans for our new London premises at 26 Wigmore Street. We have designed the property to meet the needs of our steadily growing London auctions and to deliver a truly bespoke service to our customers.

Vault Door

Vault entrance


“truly bespoke service”

The ground floor will house the main gallery viewing area and dendrochronology laboratory. There is extensive trial space in the basement, and three further subterranean floors boasting an intricate network of securely vaulted space.

An integral part of the viewing experience will be our Catalog Cinema. Visitors will be able to view 360 degree rotational images of all lots and interactive condition reports. Our introductory video, “Welcome to the Auction World, Bidders” guides new customers. Cozio subscribers will be able to view the archive in 3D as well as experience a hologram Q&A session with our director and expert, Jason Price.

Cozio subscribers view the catalog

The central hub for musicians lies in the basement, which is fitted with four AutoTune™ practice pods. These are complete with both manual and automatic pitch alteration technologies, as designed and developed by our technicians. Special allowance has been made for the challenges of the viola repertoire.

“central hub for musicians”

Wigmore Street Renderings

Architectural renderings for 26 Wigmore Street

In the heart of the office we have planted a maple tree (acer campestre) of great significance both historically and botanically. After extracting the DNA from the back plate of the ‘Lady Blunt’ Stradivari during its sale in our 2011 June auction, we successfully cloned and produced a healthy seedling. Now that the tree is fully matured, it will stretch from the basement through to the first floor, with room for further growth as it continues to flourish.

At the base of this momentous tree will be the entrance of the underground tunnel granting all our visitors and staff direct access into the Wigmore Hall green room. This exclusive passage will enable concert goers to move freely between the two spaces, avoiding rain and other extreme weathers, which commonly plague our British soils.


Our flock








“to serve the needs of our period instrument customers”

A superluminal lift ride takes our clients from the ground floor to our rooftop garden, which offers panoramic views of Debenhams. This rooftop is home to our flock of genetically modified sheep from which we will harvest gut for the production of baroque and classical strings to serve the needs of our period instrument customers. These animals are emotional and hypersensitive and the sheep are also easily frightened, so we ask our visitors to adhere to a strict no-touch policy. An interactive ‘Meet the Sheep’ experience and documentary will be available for viewing in our 3D cinema. Coming, later in 2015.


Embargoed: 00:01 EST, 1 April 2015


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