Tarisio Launches T2

Tarisio is launching T2, a new brand of auctions designed for the violin trade. Replacing Tarisio’s Speculative, Restorable and Trade sales, T2 auctions will take place six times per year.

tarisio-T2-comp10Why T2?

“Over the past 16 years Tarisio has substantially expanded and developed, and the concept of a one-size-fits-all buying experience is no longer the most effective way to satisfy the different needs of our diverse clients.

In creating T2, we aim to provide an efficient and professional platform for items that lack a definite attribution, need restoration and in general are good and usable inventory for the trade.

Tarisio will continue to focus on carefully-selected high-quality instruments and bows with guaranteed attributions that are set up and adjusted to the highest standards.”

Jason Price, Tarisio’s Founder, Expert and Director.

T2 auctions will be administered under the direction of Tarisio’s specialists. They will be viewable in New York and conducted online at T2-auctions.com

T2’s first sale will be in March 2016.

We look forward to seeing you in March!


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