October 2013 New York results

Many thanks to bidders, and congratulations to consignors!

The recently held October 2013 Sale was a success.

Instruments by makers new and old enjoyed competitive bidding and the introduction of our first in, last out reduced buyer’s premium was met with great enthusiasm.

Guadagnini violin, $1,390,000 (read more)
Pressenda violin, $475,750 (read more)
Vuillaume violin, $228,000
Bianchi cello, $141,600
Curtin & Alf violin, $132,000 (read more)
Sacconi violin, $94,400 (read more)
Sartory cello bow, $66,000
Barbieri violin, $51,000
Hel violin, $36,000
Bignami violin, $33,000
D’Attili violin, $26,400
Giacchetti viola, $24,000