May 2014 New York Auction Results

Sale results

Many thanks to bidders and congratulations to consignors. We proudly report the following in support of another strong sale:

$4.52 Million Total
88.7% Sold
448 Bidders

Top 5 lots by value:

Lot 290 Giovanni Francesco Pressenda $405,500
Lot 289 Nicolo Gagliano $269,900
Lot 284 Alessandro D’Espine $153,400
Lot 288 Jean Baptiste Vuillaume $141,600
Lot 285 Ascribed to Tomasso Balestrieri $118,000

Top 5 lots by bids:

Lot 221 Attributed to Paolo Antonio Testore, 33 bids
Lot 75 Attributed ot Goffriller, 32 bids
Lot 90 August Nurnberger Suess, 29 bids
Lot 116 Attributed to Kittel, 28 bids
Lot 106 Sydney Yeoman for W.E. Hill & Sons, 26 bids

“It’s encouraging to watch the market admire lesser known makers like D’Espine. In a similar way, bidders  were also not shy with speculative lots, like those ascribed to Balestrieri, Gagliano and Testore, ” said Ethan Ladd, Executive Manager. “It’s a pleasure to work with bidders who find such value and depth beyond the obvious highlights.”

38 New records including:

Lot 289 Nicolo Gagliano $269,000
Lot 287 Vincenzo Panormo $114,000
Lot 258 Paul Bailly $24,000
Lot 218 Stefano Conia $16,800
Lot 155 Claude Charles Nicolas Husson $25,200
Lot 154 Nicolas Maline $39,000
Lot 135 Georges Leon Lamy $12,000
Lot 37 John Kew Dodd (ex Lilian Fuchs) $22,800
Lot 36 Stephane Thomachot $7,800

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