London • October 2016 • Results

Many thanks to all consignors and bidders for a successful auction!

£1,275,375 Total
275 bidders
73% sold

“The London auction coincided with our Panormo exhibition and the two events together brought large crowds and a great atmosphere to the Westbury. The low Sterling also helped to generate new interest from America and Europe, and a higher percentage of lots sold abroad than usual. We’re looking forward to our next sale in March!”

– Jason Price, Founder, Expert and Director


Top 5 lots by value
Lot 188 Camillo Camilli £151,900
Lot 34 Jean Pierre Marie Persoit £72,000
Lot 187 Stefano Scarampella £70,800
Lot 186 Jean-Baptiste Vuillaume £66,000
Lot 38 Vincenzo Postiglione £53,100

Top 5 lots by number of bids
Lot 22 Christian Friedrich Wilhelm Knopf, 38 bids
Lot 52 Louis Morizot frères, 28 bids
Lot 42 Emile François Ouchard, 28 bids
Lot 53 Louis Morizot, 28 bids
Lot 50 Louis Morizot frères, 27 bids

26 world records set 

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    Mar 19

    March 2018 London

    Fine Instruments & Bows

  2. Mar 26

    February 2018 New York

    Consignor Payments Issued


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