London • October 2015 Fine Instruments & Bows • Results

_LX_6072 Thank you to all bidders and consignors for a very successful auction._LX_5933 _LX_5853

£1,399,242 Total sold
70% Sold
214 Bidders

Top 5 lots by value

Lot 184: Jean Baptiste Vuillaume £163,200
Lot 183: Ansaldo Poggi £129,300
Lot 179: Antonio Gragnani £102,000
Lot 182: Jean Baptiste Vuillaume £94,400
Lot 181: Vincenzo Panormo £82,600

Top 5 lots by number of bid

Lot 49: Louis Morizot père – 27 bids
Lot 64: Pierre Maline – 23 bids
Lot 33: Late 18th century Bohemian Viola – 23 bids
Lot 1: Cello bow – 20 bids
Lot 52: Charles Nicolas Bazin – 20 bids

19 world records

Jean Baptiste Vuillaume, 1863 (tied with the previous record)
Ansaldo Poggi, 1929
Antonio Gragnani, 1782
Vincenzo Panormo, c.1800
Gaetano Sgarabotto, c.1910
Benjamin Banks c.1790
Riccardo Antoniazzi, 1912

‘We saw some very strong bidding on top lots in the October fine sale, and we set some important new world records. Our L’Archet Révolutionnaire Exhibition coincided with the auction, and was a wonderful opportunity to see some of the finest surviving examples of 18th century bows.’ Jason Price, Director

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