London • March 2016 Fine Instruments & Bows • Results

IMG_7847Thank you to all bidders and consignors for a very successful auction!

£1,326,066 Total
74% Sold
272 Bidders

Top 5 lots by value

Lot 205: Jean Baptiste Vuillaume £143,000
Lot 204: Francesco Goffriller £140,600
Lot 48: Gagliano family, possible Raffaele & Antonio £102,000
Lot 202: Carlo Guiseppe Testore £53,100
Lot 181: Georges Chanot II £36,000

Top 5 lots by number of bid

IMG_7850Lot 87: Johann Wilhelm Knopf – 31 bids
Lot 165: Mid 19th century violin – 31 bids
Lot 147: Violin attributed to Panormo – 24 bids
Lot 102: Violin bow attributed to Sartory – 23 bids
Lot 86: Friedrich Wilhelm Knopf – 22 bids

7 world records

Francesco Goffriller c. 1730
Georges Chanot II, 1869
Johann Baptist Schweitzer, 1853
Justin Derazey, 1865
Mars August Husson
Jean Jacques Millant
Emil Werner, c. 1945

‘It’s great to see our highlight viewing trips reaching more and more musicians in Holland and Germany. This sale there were several successful bidders from Amsterdam, Hamburg and Munich on several great instruments – makes me very happy for them!’ Jason Price, Founder, Expert and Director

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