London • June 2016 • Results

£1,817,251 Total
222 Bidders

“In spite of the historic Brexit vote last week, our June sale was a great success. Buyers turned out in large numbers and left enthusiastic bids. It was exciting to see the Amati cello find a new home at an American foundation where it will be lent to young players. We’ll have to see how Brexit affects things in the long-run but for the time being it is business as usual…”

– Jason Price, Founder, Expert and Director

Viewing photosTop 5 lots by value

Lot 23 Antonio & Hieronymous Amati £407,500
Lot 185 Gennaro Gagliano £166,000
Lot 186 Alessandro Gagliano £163,200
Lot 184 Amati workshop violin, probably Hieronymous II £96,000
Lot 182 Violin ascribed to and probably by Lupot £59,000

Top 5 lots by number of bid

Lot 160 Violin ascribed to Pierre Pacharele – 31 bids
Lot 82 Eugene Sartory – 31 bids
Lot 90 Violin bow, workshop of Jean Baptiste Vuillaume – 23 bids
Lot 132 Violin late 18th century – 22 bids
Lot 176 Composite violin by Giovanni Baptista Guadagnini – 22 bids

16 world records including

Antonio & Hieronymous Amati
Gennaro Gagliano
François Xavier and Nicolas Leonard Tourte
Francesco Guadagnini
Lorenzo Bellafontana
Nicolas Simon “Simon FR”

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