London • June 2015 Fine Instruments & Bows • Results

Thank you to all our bidders and consignors for participating in our June Fine Sale. We are pleased to share the following results:

£1,506,740 Total
77% Sold
212 Bidders

Top 5 lots by value

Lot 130 Giovanni Francesco Pressenda £223,500
Lot 128 Antonio & Hieronymus Amati £154,500
Lot 129 Andrea Guarneri £131,500
Lot 127 Gioffredo Cappa £94,400
Lot 73 François Xavier Tourte £78,000

Top 5 lots by bids

Lot 52 ex-Kreisler, frog and button possibly by Samuel Allen, 28 bids
Lot 29 Charles Nicolas Bazin, 21 bids
Lot 55 Sydney Yeoman for W. E. Hill & Sons, 18 bids
Lot 15 Justin Poirson, 18 bids
Lot 82 after Stainer, 17 bids

17 New Records

“The June London sale followed Tarisio’s commitment to quality over quantity and to providing expertise, service and customer support at the highest level. The trend of small, carefully selected sales of high quality instruments and bows will continue to guide Tarisio in its growth in Europe.” Jason Price, Director

ex-Galamian Antonio & Hieronymus Amati c. 1610-20

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