June 2014 London Fine Instruments & Bows results

Sale results

Many thanks to bidders and congratulations to consignors. We are delighted to share the following stats from the sale: 

£1.64 Million Total
75.9% Sold
214 Bidders

Top 5 lots by value:

Lot 172 Giovanni Francesco Pressenda £190,000
Lot 171 Nicolo Gagliano, ex-Gerald Segelman £191,450
Lot 36 Carlo Ferdinando Landolfi £189,000
Lot 170 Hieronymous Amati II £140,600
Lot 169 Jean Baptiste Vuillaume £93,000 

Top 5 lots by bids:

Lot 99 Sold by Giuseppe Scarampella, 25 bids
Lot 17 Nurnberger workshop, 23 bids
Lot 98 Probably Vienna, 22 bids
Lot 104 German, late 18th century, 22 bids
Lot 110 Gustave Villaume, 21 bids

Matthew Huber, European Sales Associate, had this to say about the sale: “Among the many highlights in the auction, the Peter Greiner violin took centre stage and that’s where it belongs. There was a last-minute bidding frenzy and the violin was fought-over by 12 individuals from all corners of the globe. It was purchased by a soloist based in the UK and I’m absolutely delighted for them. It will be heard in concert halls worldwide!”

5 New records:

Lot 171 Nicolo Gagliano £191,450
Lot 36 Carlo Ferdinando Landolfi £189,000
Lot 159 Max Möller £14,400
Lot 14 Ernest Pevere £10,620
Lot 137 Benigno Saccani £5,900