L’Archet Révolutionnaire

This autumn Tarisio will present a unique exhibition of 50 rare 18th-century bows, curated by Jérome Akoka. Featuring bows by Tourte, Mauchand, Duchaine, Dodd and Pajeot among other makers of the French, English and German schools.

Accompanying the exhibition in London will be a two-day programme of events, discussions and performances, including: Jean-François Raffin on the stylistic and technical aspects of bows of the Tourte family; Constance Frei on violin playing technique in the 17th and 18th centuries; and Kai Koepp exploring new research on the history of German bow making at the time of Beethoven. A round table discussion led by Jérome Akoka will present research on bow makers of the period, and there will be performance-led discussions to explore the effects of these stylistic differences directed by Christophe Coin.

The exhibition and events will be a must for musicians, collectors and experts, aligning performance practice with new research and expertise on the bows themselves. More details coming soon.

Lectures, discussions and performances: Friday 30 October – Saturday 31 October
Exhibition: Sunday 1 November – Tuesday 3 November

Tarisio L'Archet Révolutionnaire

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