New York • February 2017 • Results

$2,729,846 Total
86% Sold
343 Bidders

“With a sale percentage of 86% and 343 registered bidders, up from 266 a year ago, this was our most successful winter sale to date.

The gallery was bustling with viewing traffic in the weeks prior to the February auction with a great number of musicians turning up to view. The amount of bids and prices realized reflected strength in many different areas.

The most surprising result went to the Gragnani violin which sold for $204,000, beating the previous auction record of $157,000. There were five competing bidders and 19 bids placed, making it one of the most competitive lots in this auction.

Bow prices were also strong with high prices paid for Sartory (cello bows selling for $48,000 and $36,000; violin bows selling for $39,000 and $23,600), and other high prices achieved for Vigneron ($22,800), Charles Peccatte ($29,500) and Nicolas Maline ($25,960).

Overall we were very happy to see a strong and stable market at the beginning of 2017.” – Jason Price, Founder, Expert and Director

Top 5 lots by value

Lot 204 Jean Baptiste Vuillaume $212,400
Lot 200 
Antonio Gragnani, $204,000
Lot 202 Giovanni Francesco Pressenda, $165,200
Lot 201 Nicolo Gagliano, $141,600
Lot 203
Carlo Tononi, $118,000

Top 5 lots by number of bids

Lot 9 A bow case by W.E. Hill & Sons, 34 bids
Lot 10
A violin case by W.E. Hill & Sons, 27 bids
Lot 83
A French violin bow collaboration by Cuniot-Hury & Ouchard, 26 bids
Lot 67
A 3/4 size French violin bow by Claude Thomassin, 24 bids
Lot 150
An English violin ascribed to Lorenzo & Tommaso Carcassi, 21 bids

19 world records set 

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