London • March 2018 • Results

Many thanks to all consignors and bidders for a very successful auction!

£2,407,880 Total
372 bidders
84% sold

Top 5 lots by value 

Lot 181 Giuseppe Guarneri (violin) £493,750
Lot 180 Matteo Gofriller (violin) £231,000
Lot 178 Santo Serafin (violin) £154,500
Lot 177 Camillo Camilli (violin) £114,000
Lot 179 Gioffredo Cappa (violin) £106,200

Top 5 lots by number of bids

Lot 24 C. Hans Carl Schmidt (cello bow) 39 bids
Lot 25 Karl Wilhelm Knopf (cello bow) 30 bids
Lot 166 Ascribed to Giuseppe Guarneri (violin) 26 bids
Lot 3 Christian Wilhelm Knopf (viola bow) 25 bids
Lot 129 Charles Brugere (violin) 25 bids

29 world records set


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