‘Lady Blunt’ and ‘Messiah’ Reunited

On June 10, 2011 the ‘Lady Blunt’ was displayed side by side with the ‘Messiah’ at the Ashmolean Museum in Oxford

It was a rare event of great historical importance to have the world’s two best-preserved Stradivari violins together in the same room. The last time these two violins were together was most likely in the 1930s at W.E. Hills.

The occasion for the event was the launch of the new reference book of the Ashmolean Museum’s musical instrument collection, with photography by Tucker Densley.

Also see our feature on the ‘Lady Blunt’.


The 1721 ‘Lady Blunt’ (left) with the 1716 ‘Messiah’


The back of the violins, with the ‘Lady Blunt’ (left) showing some wear to the varnish


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