Eugène Nicolas Sartory

Bow maker
(maker: 1871 – 1946)

Probably the finest bow maker of the 20th century, Eugène Sartory studied with his father in Mirecourt and went on to work for Charles Peccatte and Alfred Lamy in Paris. In 1889 Sartory set up his own workshop at the age of 18, becoming completely self-sufficient as a maker by 1910. While he was influenced by Lamy, Sartory created a heavier model with a broader head, and the sticks are often octagonal, especially after 1930. His frogs have characteristic throats in the shape of an open 'U'.

One of Sartory's first patrons was the Belgian violin virtuoso Eugène Ysaÿe, which attests to the strong affinity players feel for his work. As his success grew and his production was outstripped by high demand, Sartory employed other makers to assist him, including Louis Morizot, Jules Fétique and Louis Gillet, all of whom became celebrated makers in their own right. Sartory nevertheless kept a close eye on the quality of all bows to leave his workshop. His bows, which have been forged and copied quite extensively, are stamped 'E. Sartory à Paris' to the handle and also frequently under the lapping.


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