Michele Platner

Violin maker
(maker: 1684 – 1752)

Initially thought to have been a student of fellow Roman David Tecchler Domenico Michele Platner apprenticed with his father in Rome in the early 18th century before taking over the family workshop. Little is known about his working life, but he is known to have trained his nephew Giulio Gigli in 1738. Upon Platner's death in 1752, Gigli inherited his workshop, tools, and any remaining instruments. His surviving output shows great beauty of craftsmanship and variety, and includes a lute, a pochette, a viola da gamba, violins with the high arching and low f-holes of Jacob Stainer, and small-patterned cellos that are especially well regarded.


Relevant instruments and bows found on Cozio Archive:
Cello: 1 | Violin: 9 | 40 other properties not displayed publicly

Name Type Year ID
  Cello c. 1710 9243
  Violin 1722 45375
  Violin 1730 49246
  Violin c. 1735 2755
  Violin 1735 62187
  Violin 1740 43309
  Violin 1741 45283
  Violin 1747 44587
  Violin 1748 53089
  Violin (maker: 1684 – 1752) 43308

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