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Tarisio’s two auction departments handle different ranges of instruments and bows. The Fine Auctions concentrate on items of high value and are designed for musicians, collectors and members of the trade. The Speculative, Restorable and Trade (SRT) Auctions feature items often in need of restoration, and usually in lower price ranges.

On average Tarisio sells 80–90% of items per auction and holds numerous international auction records.

More information about our past sales:

Fine Auctions

Sales of exceptional instruments and bows, including examples of the finest classical makers


SRT Auctions

Sales of speculative, restorable and trade items


Auctions Calendar

  1. Sep 16


    Oct 14

    New York

    Fine Instruments & Bows

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    Oct 27


    Fine Instruments & Bows
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    Dec 10

    New York

    Speculative, Restorable & Trade
    Catalog online Nov 19