Antonio Stradivari, Cremona, 1734, the 'Hercules, Ysaye, Szeryng, Kinor David, Semel'

Violin: 41564

Back: One-piece

Varnish: Golden amber with tinge of red

Length of back: 36.0 cm

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This instrument was stolen from Ysaÿe during a concert while was playing his 1740 Guarneri (ID=64) at the Imperial Theater in St. Petersburg in 1908. He had left his Strad in the dressing room unattended. It reappeared at a shop in Paris in 1925.

Lost Forever -- The Mystery of Stolen Violins, Leslie Sheppard, The Strad, September, 1977, London

Dated 1732.

Stradivarius-Guarnerius del Gesù: Catalogue descriptif de leurs instruments, Les Amis de la Musique, Spa, 1994

"Although it [the Strad] possessed a warm and powerful sonority, Ysaÿe usually chose his Guarnerius for his concert-work since it was very much less fatiguing to play and also because he found that it was more responsive, in most conditions, to his temperament. The 'Strad' he regarded as an instrument for use in emergency and, as a general rule, he kept it within easy reach in the orchestra in case a string should break."

Ysaÿe, W. E. Hill & Sons, Great Missenden, 1980

Exhibited at the South Kensington Loane Exhibition in 1885.

Pizzicati, edited by E. Polanski, London, 1895

"In 1972 Henryk Szeryng donated the instrument to the City of Jerusalem. According to his wish, the violin is to be played by the concertmaster of the Israel Philharmonic Orchestra."

Correspondence with Waltraud Szeryng

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City of Jerusalem, Henryk Szeryng, Charles Munch, Eugène Ysaÿe, Pierre Nothomb, Hugo Heerman, C. G. Meier, W. E. Hill & Sons, David Laurie, Séméladis

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Known players

Eugène Ysaÿe, Henryk Szeryng


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