Antonio Stradivari, Cremona, 1730, the 'Vesuvius'

Violin: 41535

Original label: "Antonio Stradivarius, Cremonensis / faciebat Anno 1727"

Back: Two-piece

Scroll: by Nicolas Lupot

Ribs: upper right rib is a replacement

Length of back: 35.7 cm

Upper bouts: 16.65 cm

Middle bouts: 10.8 cm

Lower bouts: 20.6 cm

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The head, by Lupot, was originally on the ex-Davidov of 1727, but Maucotel switched the heads.

How Many Strads, Ernest N. Doring, William Lewis & Son, Chicago, 1945

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Current owner, W. E. Hill & Sons, Jan Hambourg, Town of Cremona, Remo Lauricella, Antonio Brosa

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