Antonio Stradivari, Cremona, c. 1695, the 'Boni, Hegar'

Cello: 41449

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dated 1707

Back: Two-piece of poplar, slab-cut

Top: of well-defined grain

Scroll: of poplar

Ribs: of poplar

Length of back: 75.6 cm

Upper bouts: 34.3 cm

Middle bouts: 23.6 cm

Lower bouts: 43.4 cm

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"At some point in its history, it was reduced in size and later re-enlarged to its original dimensions, which is, perhaps, why it was once thought to date from an earlier period."

J. & A. Beare 2011 Newsletter, J. & A. Beare 2011 Newsletter

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Current owner, Puttick & Simpson, Livio Boni, Hegar family, Professor J. Hegar, Gustave Bernardel, Wimphen, Professor Vaslin, Madame de Sampigny, Jean-Baptiste Vuillaume, Luigi Tarisio

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