Domenico Montagnana, Venice, 1739, the 'Sleeping Beauty'

Cello: 40664

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Original label: "Domenicus Montagnana / sub Sugnum Cremonae Venetia 1739" (the '9' handwritten)

Back: Two-piece

Varnish: Golden-orange

Length of back: 74.1 cm

Upper bouts: 36.1 cm

Middle bouts: 26.1 cm

Lower bouts: 44.55 cm

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This instrument is undamaged, uncut and with its original varnish. It lay unused for over a century at Berkeley Castle, a possession of the Fitzharding family, before it was given to Piatigorsky in 1935.

Domenico Montagnana- "Lauter in Venetia", Carlson Cacciatori Neumann & C., Cremona, 1998

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Gregor Piatigorsky, Heinrich Schiff, Orlando Cole

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