Antonio Stradivari, Cremona, 1683, the 'Cobbett, Holloway'

Violin: 40650

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Original label

Back: One-piece

Length of back: 35.7 cm

Upper bouts: 17 cm

Middle bouts: 11.4 cm

Lower bouts: 21 cm

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The "Cobbett" is made on a grand pattern with measurements that are very similar to large-form instruments made during his golden period (generally thought of as the years after 1700). The violin is illustrated in Herbert Goodkind's Violin Iconography of Antonio Stradivari and also in our recently updated and revised edition of How Many Strads? Our Legacy from the Master by Ernest Doring.

The material for the back and ribs is from a lively figured quarter-cut maple log used quite often by the maker during the period. The "Cobbett" is covered with a lustrous golden varnish of incomparable quality. The tone is vibrant and silky with tremendous carrying power.

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Current owner, Helen Teschner Tas, Emil Herrmann, August Herrmann, Robert A. Bower, Anonymous

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Known players

Chun-Wen Huang, Helen Teschner

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