Antonio Stradivari, Cremona, 1715, the 'Cremonese, Harold Joachim'

Violin: 40603

Original label: "Antonius Stradivarius Cremonensis faciebat anno 1715"

Back: One-piece with strong flames running horizontally

Top: of fine grain in the center, broadening towards the flanks

Scroll: of broader figure

Ribs: of broader figure

Varnish: Golden-orange

Length of back: 35.7 cm

Upper bouts: 16.8 cm

Middle bouts: 11.2 cm

Lower bouts: 20.75 cm

There are 3 additional images in the archive which are not available publicly. Please contact us for more information.


In 1889 it was purchased by a special committee and donated to Joseph Joachim on the occasion of his jubilee celebrations. The Tourist Board of Cremona purchased it from William Hill & Sons of London in December 1961 and it was donated to the town.

Almost a twin of the Alard.

A Stradivari Returns to Cremona, The Strad, February, 1962, London


in 1870 Darius Gras
... ...
1877 - 1880 Jules Garcin
in 1880 Sold by David Laurie
1880 - 1889 Labitte
in 1889 Joachim Presentation Fund Committee
from 1889 Joseph Joachim
- Harold Joachim
until 1910 W. E. Hill & Sons
from 1910 Robert E. Brandt
until 1961 W. E. Hill & Sons
in 1961 Tourist Board of Cremona, Museo del Violino
from 1961 Town of Cremona, Museo del Violino

Certificates & Documents

  • Certificate: W. E. Hill & Sons, London (1962)

Copies of many certificates and other documents are available on request. Please contact us for more information.


  • 1a triennale internazionale degli strumenti ad arco, Cremona, 1976 (illustrated)
  • The Strad, February, 1962, London, 1962 (illustrated)
  • Antonius Stradivarius (volumes I-IV), Jost Thöne, Jan Röhrmann, Alessandra Barabaschi, Jost Thöne Verlag, Cologne, 2010 (illustrated)
  • Capolavori di Antonio Stradivari, Charles Beare, Arnoldo Mondadori S.p.A., Milan, 1987 (illustrated)
  • Cremona in Seoul: 1962-1993, The Andrea Bang Hall of String & Natural Coating, Seoul, 1993 (illustrated)
  • Cremona's Instruments, Charles Beare, Bruce Carlson & Andrea Mosconi, cremonabooks, Cremona, 2001 (illustrated)
  • Giuseppe Guarneri, detto del Gesu', Elia Santoro, Editrice Turris, Cremona, 1982 (illustrated)
  • Gli Strumenti di Cremona, Charles Beare, Bruce Carlson & Andrea Mosconi, Cremona Books, Cremona, 2001 (illustrated)
  • How Many Strads
  • I Capolavori Cremonesi della Royal Academy of Music, Consorzio Liutai Antonio Stradivari, Cremona, 2003 (illustrated)
  • lvstrings
  • Mostra di Antonio Stradivari (Palazzo Borromeo - Isola Bella), Turris Editrice, Cremona, 1963 (illustrated)
  • Observations, April 15, 1894
  • The Strad, March, 2003, Kai Köpp, London, 2003 (illustrated)
  • Stradivarius-Guarnerius del Gesù: Catalogue descriptif de leurs instruments
  • The 'Secrets' of Stradivari, Simone F. Sacconi, Eric Blot Edizioni, Cremona, 2000 (illustrated)
  • The Strad Calendar 2009: The Museum Collection, London, 2008 (illustrated)
  • Violin Iconography of Antonio Stradivari 1644-1737, Herbert K. Goodkind, Larchmont, New York, 1972 (illustrated)
  • W. E. Hill & Sons Photographic Archive (illustrated)
  • W. E. Hill Business Records (1850 - 1990)


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