Antonio Stradivari, Cremona, 1734, the 'Ames'

Violin: 40545

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Original label

Back: One-piece, with the flames running vertically

Varnish: Rich red

Length of back: 35.8 cm

Upper bouts: 16.8 cm

Middle bouts: 11.3 cm

Lower bouts: 20.9 cm

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Dated 1730.

Stradivarius-Guarnerius del Gesù: Catalogue descriptif de leurs instruments, Les Amis de la Musique, Spa, 1994

"For forty years, he owned the 'Ames' Strad, an exceptionally fine 1734 example of the master's art. The 'Ames' was stolen from the director's office at Longy in 1981 following a recital Totenberg played to honour the retiring Wolfe Wolfinsohn."

Legacy of Experience, James Forrest, The Strad, July, 1987, London

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Known players

Irving Lashinsky, Ramon Totenberg

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