Antonio Stradivari, Cremona, 1714, the 'Batta'

Cello: 40279

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Original label

Back: Two-piece

Length of back: 75.6 cm

Upper bouts: 34.6 cm

Lower bouts: 44.1 cm

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"While all other instruments I had played prior to the "Batta" differed one from the other in character and range, I knew their qualities, shortcomings, or their capriciousness enough to exploit their good capabilities to full advantage. Not so with the "Batta," whose prowess had no limitations. Bottomless in its resources, it spurred me on to try to reach its depths, and I have never worked harder or desired anything more fervently than to draw out of this superior instrument all it has to give. Only then will I deserve to be its equal."

Cellist, Chapter Twenty-nine

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Known players

Alexandre Batta, Gregor Piatigorsky

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