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Welcome to Cozio, the world’s largest reference resource for buyers, sellers and connoisseurs of fine stringed instruments and bows.

Founded in 2003 as a public registry of iconography, provenance and pricing information for historical stringed instruments, Cozio encompasses over 30,000 individual instruments and bows by over 2,500 makers. It is also the most comprehensive online source for maker biographies and provenance information, and contains over 50,000 historical auction prices.

Although most of Cozio is available to the public by subscription, it also contains photographs, documents and records of instruments and bows that are accessible only by request. If you would like information about any item that is not publicly available, please contact us.


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Kittel cello bow, gold tortoiseshell

The bows of Nikolai Kittel

Superbly made with lavish materials, Kittel bows have attracted players and connoisseurs for many years, but who actually made them?

By Stefan and Julian Hersh

The bows of Nikolai Kittel have long been regarded as mysterious. The origins of this reputation lie partly in the historical lack of information about Kittel, as well as in the relative rarity of examples, and even more in their status as outliers...